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Our 9″ x 9″ shepherd's pies are halal… and serve four to six portions.

Great for parties, potluck and family gatherings.

Beef Options

Classic Beef $33.9

Known in England as cottage pie, this is the version that comes to mind when people think of shepherd's pies… ground beef, onions, carrots… topped with mashed potatoes. The ultimate in comfort food, whatever the weather (sunny or nippy), whether you're dining in, or dining out… think potluck, picnics, music-in-the-park events, or family outings. If you're classic in outlook and taste, this dish was made with you in mind!

Black Pepper Beef (Spicy!) $33.9

Regulars regard this as the grown-up version of the cottage pie, with ground beef lovingly marinated and sautéed in a peppery sauce, somewhat flamboyant amidst the tender vegetable combination… topped with mashed potatoes. If you are feeling spiced up, or if you want to be spiced up for that important meeting or date, choose this!

Rendang Beef (Spicy!) $37.9

Once you've gotten past that meaty first bite of spicy ground beef in a creamy coconut base, you'll be craving seconds! Topped with mashed potatoes, this "soft on the outside, lemak and spicy within" is our bestseller during Hari Raya and other national holidays. If you're meeting your future in-laws for the first time, or it's a special family occasion, we'll be happy to help you celebrate with a special pie!

Chicken Options

Classic Chicken $33.9

Classic chicken pie meets cottage pie… in a deep dish! Ground chicken combined with hearty vegetables, topped with mashed potatoes. If you're having one of those buttoned-down, have-to-be-serious, deep negotiations kind of day, order this for the meeting and be amazed at how smoothly the discussions go… your way!

Black Pepper Chicken (Spicy!) $33.9

A spiced-up version of our classic chicken, so peppery you will be glad you remembered to include drinks with your order! Just as your senses become attuned to the three-fire alarm of spice, the creamy goodness of vegetables in a mashed potato combination take over in a satisfying way. If you're trying to make a statement to yourself or someone special, order this!

Teriyaki Chicken (Non-Spicy) $37.9

A Japanese twist on the original! Ground chicken marinated and sautéed with teriyaki sauce, and generous amounts of real vegetables (carrots, corn, and onions)… topped with mashed potatoes. This is one of our best-selling pies. Great for East-West events, bridal showers, baby's first month, and more. If you have a craving for something traditional, something different, hearty and comforting, you've got to try this!

Veggie Lovers $33.9

Meatless… but with so much natural goodness you won't even be wondering where's the meat. Carrots, peas, cauliflower, tomatoes, mushrooms, and more! We start our day by prepping the veggie mix and sauce, so there's no cross contact with meats. Absolutely NO meat, NO onions, NO garlic, NO cheese, NO dairy and NO egg (thanks for asking!)… topped with mashed potatoes. If you are vegetarian, vegan or have a taste for vegetables, this is your pie!

Lamb Special $43.9

For the ultimate aficionado with discerning tastes and steadfast in the belief that shepherd's pies should be made only with lamb, we present the ultimate in tradition… ground lamb, richly flavored with our special blend of herbs, chunks of mixed vegetables, topped with mashed potatoes. Originating from Scotland, where sheep farming remains the dominant agricultural activity, this is our salute to tradition. If you are a traditionalist at heart, this is the pie for you!

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